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ELK scissors are produced to the highest quality, using premium
raw materials and traditional production methods.

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Tacura is a leading supplier of cutting & manufacturing solutions for textiles, upholstery, mattresses & technical fabrics. We have over 40 years experience selling scissors, shears & specialist cutting tools.

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How to choose the best sewing scissors

How to choose the best sewing scissors

In this article we cover the essential factors that need to be kept in mind while going for an individual choice.

Five pairs of scissors under £20 that you didn't know you needed...

Five pairs of scissors under £20 that you didn’t know you needed…

Do you use the same pair of scissors for every task in your home and get frustrated when they unexpectedly struggle to cut fabric or paper with ease? You’re not alone. 

Martin's Rubber Company using TACURA curved scissors

Case Study: Martin's Rubber Company

Martin’s Rubber have been solving problems since 1865.

They do it using rubber technology. That means using the materials experts, toolmaking knowledge, rubber moulding process and experience, manufacturing skills and test equipment that they have on site – all at their fingertips.